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Arrell Law LLP is a law firm situated in the City of Caledonia, Ontario with a primary emphasis on general and commercial law.

Peter Murray: Lead Counsel

Peter was raised in Caledonia. After attending Caledonia High School and McMaster University, he obtained his law degree from the University of Toronto (1970). After articling and then practising with a mid size Toronto firm he returned to Caledonia in 1975 when he joined Frank Brown and Paul Osier, and more recently, Elaine Rosewell and Caitlin Murray. During his career in a general law practice, Peter appeared in numerous trials at the Superior Court of Ontario and several appearances in the Ontario Court of Appeal. For the past three years he represented approximately 200 Caledonia residents and businesses who had received initial payments as part of the 2006 Class Action settlement , and working with David Johnson of PRO-C Ltd, was successful in obtaining for his clients the balance of the funds they were entitled to receive as part of the settlement of the 2006 Caledonia Class Action.

Arrell Law LLP

2 Caithness St. W.,

Caledonia, Ontario

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PRO-C Limited

David Johnson: C.E.O.

PRO-C limited is a consulting firm that was formed in 1991. PRO-C’s consulting services and duties have included consulting on an international basis as well as here in Canada.

PRO-C has successfully consulted for numerous class actions and civil litigation matters here in Canada. This has included a successful intervention motion in the Supreme Court of Canada. More importantly perhaps is the fact that PRO-C have been the consultants to the original Caledonia class action from the very beginning in 2006 through to the settlement in 2012.

In 2017 when it became evident that the final $1,500,000.00 had been misappropriated by the previous class action lawyers, PRO-C as administrator worked closely with Arrell Law and the Law Society to arrange for payment to class members eligible for a final payout. This effort has resulted in all eligible class members receiving a final settlement.

PRO-C Limited

3467 Grimsby Road,

Grassie, Ontario

L0R 1M0